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ID Document Verification

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Automatic form creation for any country

Get the right data at the right time for verifying new customers

Instantly connect to global data sources

Save coding time. EmbedID wires the backend for you, accessing the best-fit data sources

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Welcome to the Trulioo Developer Hub, where you'll find everything you need to interact with GlobalGateway. GET STARTED

Quick Start

Follow our quick start guides to get an understanding of each step needed to complete a verification.

API Reference

See our detailed interactive API documentation with integrations to Postman.


A snippet of code to begin verifying customers around the world. Just drop in and get started today.

Get up and running in minutes.

It takes only a snippet of code to begin verifying customers and merchants across the globe. Just drop <EmbedID/> into your existing sign-up process. You can also integrate with GlobalGateway using JSON, C# or Java SDK. EmbedID is available in private beta to select customers.

One API, minimal upkeep

GlobalGateway has a RESTful API that provides instant access to over 400 procured, vetted and integrated data sources — all through a single integration.

One simple integration

GlobalGateway is used by companies worldwide to onboard customers from over 195 countries.

Simple pricing

Simply pay-as-you-go and upgrade to a Live Account to receive 100 FREE Identity Verification transactions.


Get started for free, or select a flexible plan based on your needs. No monthly subscription fees.

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Every account gets 100 FREE verification requests.

Identity Verification

per transaction (USD)

Help satisfy Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) requirements, while reducing fraud and building trust on your platform. Verify identity data such as name, address, and DOB against databases in all of these countries.

ID Document Verification

per transaction (USD)

Global coverage

Authenticate 4,200+ types of identity documents

OCR data off documents

Facial recognition technology

195+ Countries

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Global coverage

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